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Drover's  Hut

12ft x 8ft £17,000 + VAT
14ft x 8ft £18,000 + VAT
16ft x 8ft £19,000
 + VAT
18ft x 8ft £20,000 + VAT

The appearance of the Dover's Hut was intended to be as authentically representative of a traditional shepherd's hut as was reasonably achievable. The design is based on an old Victorian shepherd's hut, and we think it does a great job of capturing the look of a traditional hut and faithful reproductions of their dimensions and general layout. These shelters are typically shorter, between 12 and 18 feet in length, and feature more basic furnishings like a bed, a wood stove, and a desk. It can be customised in size, number of beds, heating, electricity, cladding, doors, windows, and more, just like any of our other huts.


A fully finished Dover's Hut includes the following:

  • Metal chassis with traditional cast iron wheels 

  • Iconic wriggly tin cladding in the colour of your choice

  • Black or galvanised corrugated tin roof

  • Fully insulated with sheep's wool

  • 2 x UPVC windows and UPVC stable door  (option of Oak windows and Oak stable door available)

  • Electrics 

  • Internal light switches and fittings

  • External light

  • Internal decoration with Farrow & Ball inspired colours

  • Oak flooring

  • Solid timber steps

  • Built-in double bed

White Sheet

We had an amazing Shepherd’s hut built by Ed who is a brilliant craftsman and super easy to deal with too. I can’t recommend highly enough.


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