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2.1m x 2.5m £5,850 + 20% VAT

An outdoor barrel sauna is made to withstand the elements and rough conditions of the great outdoors. This sauna will serve as the ideal retreat for an experience that is sure to be among the most relaxing possible. Because of its small size, the sauna will heat up very quickly, operate very effectively, and save a significant amount of space. The walls of our barrel saunas are more robust, and the saunas themselves are more stable. Utilizing Thermowood results in a material that is easier to transport due to its lighter weight as well as the structural advantages it offers.

Fully assembled, ready-for-delivery!

White Sheet

Purchased a shepherds hut off ed 6 months ago. Quality build, built to spec and on time. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to either start a business or have one for personal use.


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